A STATE OF THE ART CORPORATE SEMINAR with Self Defense, Safety, Security, Anti-Stress, Fitness, Peace of Mind aspects.
Slikovni rezultat za BUSINESS BUILDINGS

This is a new way how to train your employees to boost the sales, boost productivity, boost self confidence of your personnel, and ultimately boost their satisfaction regarding company they work for.

Today violence s all around you and you need special skills build in you and your personnel. Learn it before you need it—this skills are saving lives.

Our self protection education program include verbal skills, physical training, mental training, practical exercises, special tactics of avoidance of violence, special technics and tactics how to stay safe in working environment, on travel, on travel to/from job/home/shopping/theater/cinema/parking lot/restaurants., leaving offices after dark, dark alleys, parking garages, even defense inside a vehicles, planes, bars..Safety, Security, Anti-Stress, Fitness, Peace of Mind aspects.

With this seminar your staff will increase their focus, concentration, working abilities, team spirit, strength, endurance, security, knowledge, health. You will have healthier and happier employees that you can ever imagine. We can fit the workshop curriculum to meet the EXACT needs of your group or organization! Our education isn't the same for every business  – bank personnel has different needs than security personnel or retail workers.

How we can help?  Your benefits:
Crobran Corporate Self  Protection Education will provide every participant with new knowledge, strategies and tips how to foreseen, prevent, avoid and deal with and in danger situations. Every employee will know how to avoid personal security risks while on the job, travel to/from job, how to deal with aggressive persons, how to get and stay safe and secure under danger, verbal attacks, harassment, and direct attacks. Employees educated at this way will be more eager, more proactive, endurable, more fit to work in stress environment, they will me more in every way your company need.

CB Corporate Self Protection Education Seminar Concept (2-4 days)
INTRODUCTION: Meet-Know-Eat! Special introduction event – theory, presentation, gathering, introduction and good meal/snacks all thorougher to –brake the ice.
Crobran Corporate Self  Protection Education start with introduction session – Meet-Know-Eat event. This is special introductory for releasing tensions and getting to know what is it all about and to fine tune in in next level of our education.

Power of words!! Special verbal tactics and techniques of defenses in work related situations and personal safety/security situations that will learn your employees how to avoid violence and harassment at job, how to act upon different customers –aggressive one, threatening ones and more...Not just yelling –Back off, Let go—etc..Special Verbal Skill Set designed to help ease the danger situation, to defuse, to help you boost your strength and courage...

Physical power of defense!!
All attendees of education will learn here how to efficiently defend themselves by basic principals of self defense:
Recognize: Recognize danger situation, attack or not, verbal or physical, is there going to be attack or not, how to recognize all of it in workplace and our surroundings, recognition if signs of attack persons and environment.
Action: What to do when we did recongize the situation. In Crobran we do an action – action thinking – action mindset – not just flee or fight -we do action decision making and resolve the situation. Our prime objective is safe getaway and avoidance of fighting. Even in defense fight we will learn your employees how to quickly defend and get to safety.

Fear in details: What to do when person is under influence of fear in danger situation caused by aggressive people, customers, attackers, terrorists.

Put together: Crobran situational exercises where all knowledge from seminar is put together in action – to rehears and go trough situation of danger situation and how to efficiently resolve them: avoidance of danger, avoidance of fight, dealing with aggressive persons, dealing with potential attack on colleges, dealing with attack on, rescuing other persons under attack, dealing with sudden attacks, defense from difficult positions, scenario exercises and more.

Final breef and certification – final breef is two way event – Crobran staff will breef participants on their achievements and benefits they did acquire and give them their earned certificate of attendance of Corporate self protection education seminar (CSPES). Each participant will make short breef on her/his view/feelings and experiences gained on seminar.

CB Corporate Self Protection Education include: (note: each education seminar is different according the actual company with we are working with)

  • 1. Workplace Security/Safety Presentation,
  • 2.Conflict Resolution and DE-escalation Presentation,
  • 3. Active Shooter Presentation,
  • 4. Basic Self Defense Training,
  • 5. Women’s Self Defense Training – women's only special hours,
  • 6. Active Shooter Response Training,
  • 7. Corporate/ Executive Special Skills – (by application only),
  • 8. Custom Built Seminars and Programs (upon consultation – eg.: for medical facilities workers, real estate agents, bank personnel, cashiers and store workers, security guards, CEO executives, company managers, office workers, school teachers and more)

This is start level of getting more physical in self defense, great for gaining confidence, morale, as chm building activity. Hera all employees will get basic self defense knowledge. Taught in 2 to 4 hours formats. In this level we will cower basics topic of:

  • Recognition of Danger/Conflict Avoidance/Attack avoidance
  • Psychology of conflict and fear,
  • Protocols of Safety and Security,
  • Basic Self Defense
  • Basic Offense 
  • Post Conflict Measures


This level of CB Corporate Self Protection Education is women only event. Special knowledge, special skills, special mind set for efficiently deal with danger, threats, fear and danger. Taught in a 2 hour or 4 hour format.

  • Threats specific to women/ fear and shock resolution,
  • Avoidance of conflict/danger/attacks
  • Self Defense Techniques and Drills
  • How to Escape Chokes and Grabs
  • How to Escape Ground Fighting
  • Rape prevention
  • Special exercises

We have special active shooter program that provides a solution on seemingly most danger and unavoidable situation – Active Shooters. Training is a mix of classroom training, hands on training, and simulated drills.

  • Preventative Planning
  • Surroundings Evaluation
  • In Progress Dynamics
  • Escape and Evasion
  • Barricading
  • Save my life fighting with shooter – individual and teams
  • Post Event Protocol
  • Repeated Training
  • Customized for your business

We can fit our curriculum to meet the EXACT needs of your group or organization! Crobran Martial Arts – 26 years of teaching Self Defense. Crobran is one of the few Best of the Best Self Defense systems of the World.

With this education your staff will increase their focus, concentration, working abilities, team spirit, strength, endurance, security, knowledge, health. You will have healthier and happier employees that you can ever imagine.

All information and booking: Gordan Krajacic, founder of Crobran Self Defense:, +385992785170,,

Who is teaching our CB Corporate Self Protection Education:
MS of Sports Science Gordan Krajacic, founder of Crobran Modern Self Defense Systems., Published Author with books on self defense and exercising.

Non-stop Martial Arts Study from his age of 7; MS in Sport Science, Security Manger, Founder of Crobran Self Defense System, Master of Police and Military Self Defense, Master of Tae Kwon Do, Kuk Sool Won and Kuk Sool Do Martial Arts, Former Instructor of Special Forces,  Ex Member of Special Forces, Real war experience, Fighter against terrorism in Afghanistan, Security Adviser in Iraqi oil fields, security Company Owner and VIP top level security expert.

What is Crobran? Shortly, one of the world’s best Self Defense Systems. Invented by prof. Gordan Krajacic and tested in last 27 years on the various world battlefields, streetlights, self defense incidents, sports competition, Special Forces assignments, crime fighting all over Europe and Middle East.