Most important rule of tactic of CROBRAN:

Tactic is an ability that you can always think and act for one step in front of your opponent.

Tactic is and ability to outsmart your opponent on all levels of fighting!

The most important tactics of Crobran is wisdom of avoiding attacks in everyday life. Your goal has to be avoiding confrontations in which you can be attacked. That is sometimes difficult, sometimes impossible but most of the times you can do it. When you walking down the street if you really don’t have to go through dark alleys, parking lots, parks, dark building entrances, basements, forests, etc…don’t go through there.

Try to avoid by any means possible confrontation in disco bars, taverns, night bars and around them. If you spot a group of people of suspicious behavior try to avoid them, to go around them, go with the group of other peoples. First step of avoiding attacks is that you when traveling outside simply don’t go to the dangerous places, and avoid dangerous peoples and to avoid confrontations at workplaces.

If you don’t have another choice and you have to go through danger places, to pass by danger peoples than you have to show with your posture (not looking as a dangerous person) to eventual attackers that you are not an easy target, you have to be aware of every possible danger around you. You mustn’t look like a victim, because attackers are always seeking an easy prey to destroy. Don’t look dangerous, either because you might provoke a challenge, as always there are people that looking for that kind of trouble.

You have to look like self-confident human being, who is aware of him/her self, of your surroundings, of your knowledge of IS fighting, and of eventual attackers. You have to project around yourself confidence, calmness, firmness, and it will be obvious that you are not easy target.

But sometimes even that will not work, and you will have to fight. If it is anyhow possible try to avoid attack by talking, by giving the attacker what he/she – they want. Try to find out what attacker want of you, but be in constant motion, never stop for even a second, you always have to move around even by inches. In that way you will be much faster when you have to start your counter attack.

During the conversation with attacker never reveal your knowledge of fighting, or that you have this or that weapon, these things must be surprises for the attackers. Never let that attackers make you blind from your own anger and fury, you will lose control of your motion, techniques and calmness. In that state you will do mistakes when fighting and attacker will easily smash you. You have to that to him, to make him/her to make mistakes, to wrongly asset the situation and then you will smash him/her/them.

Most of the street attacks are beginning with verbal confrontation. You can avoid that simply by agreeing with attacker, not to get offended, and all of verbal abuse just in your mind direct toward yourself, without emotional content about them.

During verbal attack you have to be aware of every move that attacker make, or want to make, because he can in any moment jump at you, you have to be ready for that. If this doesn’t happen that’s great, but if it does, you are still ready. If the attack is unavoidable, because attacker is coming right at you, and there is no way to avoid, talk, escape, there is no possibility of going around the danger, if there is no chance for not to engaged in the fight-----


Always be aware of your position, of attacker position, try to ensure some obstacles between you and your attacker/s, and try to go as far away from the attacker.

To avoid sudden attacks and ambushes you have to develop FIGHTING MODE PERCEPTION (FMP). Fighting mode perception is state of awareness of danger from distance. It is state of mind by which you can see and feel the danger situations, danger people, danger movements, danger of any kind in general.

Danger places and people have some dark, strange energy so you have to try to feel it. But learning of FMP has to be done at the training sessions thought various scenarios of possible attacks, dangers and combinations—like role play scenarios – counter attacker has to figure out who of us from group in front of him will attack him first…or some similar scenarios. It can be learnt and engraved in you daily routines.