The basics of all fighting tactics is: 


Surprise is always a great shock and it will greatly slow you down, and greatly enhance chances for attacker to win. Do everything you possibly can to not be surprised by attacker.

For easier comprehending of  danger situations and tactics we can theoretically divide the fight in to a few categories. But remember this division is just in theory, real fight is a live thing, with great speed, dynamics, changes and turnovers of situation and there is no  100 % rule that might be applied to street fight. 

NUMBER ONE RULE OF CROBRAN TACTICS: YOU ATTACK FIRST - ATTACK THE, furious but you are the one who gives the first, second, third, all strikes and las one…attacker can only try to attack and that’s it for him/them.

So theoretically Crobrantactics of fighting can be viewed through:

1. Mind fight (psychological management, verbal attacks, counter attacks on verbal attacks, avoiding verbal attacks, getting attacker in state of blind fury and out of control, using verbal attack on attacker…).

2. Close combat (attacks and counter attacks in close range while standing).

3. Ground combat (attacks and counter attacks from various ground fighting attacks).

4. Furious attacks (sudden attack on attacker, during verbal phase, during some pushing).

5. Counter attacks from difficult positions, (while sitting in chair, car, wheelchair, bike, motorbike, while lying in the bed, sleeping, walking up or downstairs, on ice, snow, mud, trees, and multiple attackers.

6. Weapons counters; (counter attacks from sticks, knives, guns, rifles, standing, siting, lying down, from every possible position, from every possible sudden attack, as sudden attack and counter attacks).

7. Hand attacks (pure had attacks, but combined with low leg kicks, and take downs).

8. Leg attacks (pure leg attack with low leg kicks combined with holds and takedowns).

9. Combine attack (arm and leg, or leg and arm combine attacks, throws, joint brakes and take downs).

10. Weapon fighting (fighting and attacks and counter attacks with weapons: guns, rifles, knives, machetes, bats, sticks, improvised weapons from every possible angle and position.

Crobran Tactics Winning Tips:
1. Do not compete with your opponent in strength, speed or techniques. Don’t act with strength and force on strong attack, or speed, or techniques. Do not box with boxer, do not kick with a good kicker, and do not grapple with a grappler. If they want to do that, you have to do totally opposite. Always try to evade and redirect power of attack beside you and then counter attack.

2. During the fight you have to know that there are a mechanical fighters and intelligent fighters. You have to be intelligent fighters. Intelligent fighter will change his tactics in order to adapt to situation that he is in. On basis of situation overview and on the basis of evaluation of attacker/s the intelligent fighter will create unique tactics for that particular situation by using all of his knowledge and experience. He/she will do that in a split of a second. This tactic has to be carried out in a split of a second.

3. Crobran combat tactics can be explained in just three words: SEEK/ DESTROY/PROTECT! You seek, find targets on attackers and destroy them and him and protect yourself during this process. That is all happening at sub consciousness level because techniques and tactics and training drills of Crobran are devised in that way. Always seek, seek for escape routes, exits, entrances, danger spots, seek for danger peoples, seek for weapons, seek for improvised weapons, when the time come destroy your attacker if there is need for that and protect yourself at all time during this action.

4. The most important thing in your tactics has to be that you use the most dangerous movements for your attackers. In various tactical drills of Crobran you will always practice counter attack and attack. Sometimes you will practice just attack without any previous attack on you. Crobran does not know for many defensive movements, blocking or defending, or defense. There is only attack; you always have to attack the attacker. Off course you have to block sometimes, but even that Crobran blocking is an counter attack and attack to.

This all is incorporated into Crobran training - in each and every one of our techniques and that is one of the reasons why Crobran techniques are so efficient.