Let’s see an example where tactics and Crobran techniques merge together in our minds to create a real fighting state of mind.

Important part of Crobran tactics is to accept a fact that you might get attacked in any moment of your life, even when you feel safe, nice and comfortable in the security of your home. So you have to know that attack might happen anytime-anywhere, even when you are surrounded with best friends or relatives. Always bear that in mind.

That doesn’t mean that you will be all the time of your life in attack alert mode, constantly watching and expecting an attack, be nervous, looking through windows and so on.

Nobody can do that and have a normal life. This is important that you do have this in your mind and when attack or some stressful situation is coming or suddenly happened you will not be too much surprised, you will be able to act and you will not be shocked and freeze, you will stay enough calm, and that is enough for difference between life and death.

Basic principles of Crobran Tactics:
1. Never assume anything, either you know or you don’t know.

2. Trust to your instincts, if you feel that you will be attacked attack first.

3. Never fight fair.

4. Do everything to win.

5. Never go back, always go in to the attacker.

6. Be explosively mobile.

7. Watch on distance and angle of you toward attacker.

8. Always watch your surroundings.

9. Control the fight and watch space behind your back.

10. Know what is behind you, below you, above you, in front.

11. No rules everything is allowed.

12. Attack continuously until attacker is totally neutralized.

13. FirsT strike-last strike, you don’t have to be stronger or faster than your attacker, it is important to be one step in front of attacker, which is to hit him first. That hit will if nothing else de-concentrated or get out of balance and give you enough time to attack MORE AND MORE.

14. Every hit you make has to be real and strong, never do a lots of weak fast hits, every hit, punch, kick has to be always full power, the strongest, and fastest, to be able to make as much damage to your opponent.

15. No one can touch you without your approval, always move, evade and do counter attack.

16. Different attackers different this movements should be. Never fight the same way with different people. Do not care about how--just do it and survive.

It is all possible with persisten no surender practice mode.