It is very important to practice in Crobran Skills except in the ideal halls, on all possible outdoor terrain: rugged soil, rocks, forests ground, asphalt, concrete, stairs, corridors, cellars, mud, trees, bushes, sand, shallow and deep water, rain, snow, ice ... just our imagination is the limit. That kind of practice and exercise creates a better balance, natural adaptation to any conditions we can find. In those methodes of practice it is also important to practice in different clothes - summer-winter and autumn, with back-packs - in swimsuits to - because various clothing and footwear also create a variety of body feelings that can interfere with self-defense. Crobran Arts has the ability to adapt to all possible conditions - but to acquire this adaptation - we need to practice exactly in that conditions that we are preparing for ... under these conditions we adapt naturaly. Such training in comparison to training only in gyms - leads to increased levels of your skill and efficiency.